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Home Skin Care: Serums and Peels

by Lis-Marie Liden

I have found that one of my favourite types of skin care items is in serum form, it’s easy to apply and I generally feel like it’s a great base in my skin care routine. It’s like anything else, you have to try a few out in order to find that perfect one just for you. For me I want serums for all of me and luckily I have found my perfect match.

I recently had the privilege to trial a few different brands and am going to guide you through them, they’re all quite different but all giving tonnes of goodness to your skin. Having been in lockdown for a while now I started out pretty strong in my skincare game and felt super fresh, but as soon as the summer sun hit and I managed to dust off and gracefully assemble my sun lounger the garden took precedence and I became lazy. But I’m back in the race to save my skin and feel much better.

The first serums that my amazing post man left on my doorstep were from Oio Lab, one of them is called 7 Wonders, Botanical Smoothing Facial Treatment Oil. I decided to use this in the morning to support the regeneration and revitalisation of my skin, but also to help enhance my skin tone, however it’s recommended to use both morning and night.

This serum is filled with scrumptious ingredients such as organic turmeric root extract which is all the rage at the moment and understandably so. You’ll also find chicory, beech and hemp seed oil in there to support, as well as many others. This all helps to tighten the skin and as a slightly more mature woman my skin’s elasticity is getting less and less strong so I’m all for support. The serum is for every gorgeous skin type but targeting the skin in need of regeneration a little bit more.

For the evening they also have a gorgeous serum called Sleep Tight, Anti-Ageing, Night Oil Treatment. It’s known that rest and sleep allows your body and skin to catch its breath so to speak, so using a serum at night is something I believe in. The Sleep Tight serum has a nice potent form of Retinol H-10, botanical extracts and organic oils all mixed into this gorgeous bottle. The retinol helps to stimulate the production of Hyaluronic Acid which we now know is great for skin elasticity.

Both serums come in such a fun packaging with little messages when you open them up, this instantly brought a smile to my face. The bottles themselves are made out of violet glass, this is to preserve the vitality of the serum.

I then moved on to try two products from BioEffect, products which are founded by three Icelandic scientists who after several years discovered a way to bioengineer a plant based human replica of the epidermal growth factor. I wish I could with confidence tell you more about the scientific part but I don’t think I can, luckily it’s all beautifully detailed on their website amongst many other topics. It’s very interesting!

The first product is a Body Intensive Serum, not only is it age defying but it also supports replenished, softer and firmer skin. I have to say I haven’t focused much on my body when it comes to the age defying part and I’m sure I will be kicking myself for that in the future. I was so very pleased to finally get a small nudge in the right direction. It absorbed quickly and it is completely free from alcohol, fragrance and oil. I mean my stomach and thighs are in dire need of this treatment.

The second BioEffect serum I received was for my face, I liked that it was fragrance free and absorbed quickly. The award-winning EGF SERUM helps revive, restore and re-hydrate your skin all the while you are dreaming of future holiday trips. You apply 2-4 drops to the face and neck on clean skin every night so it can provide intense repair to your skin while you sleep. Plus no other skin care product is needed on top so it’s a great product to invest in!

OK so I have a little extra treat in the shape of  the Gentle Night Peeling Care Radiance Secret product from Embryolisse. If you have followed my journey of product reviews you’ll remember that I have tried this brand before. I was as impressed then as I am now.

This is a peeling product not in the shape I’m used to, with small grains that you massage and then wash off, but in a cream that you apply before bed and then gently wash your face as usual in the morning. It works with the help of exfoliating fruit acid extracted from caviar lemon, and then softened with the help of macadamia and organ oils, shea wax and beeswax. It helps promote cell renewal during the night and you wake up to softer skin. I was surprised and didn’t really know what to expect but I very much prefer this to a normal face scrub type of peel.

After all this testing, at this rate I’m going to look 20 years younger when I emerge from this lockdown, no one will believe their eyes.

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